Co Development - ไขรหัสอนาคตอุตสาหกรรมไทย


National-Level Problem

We believe ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.
Whenever there is a challenge at hand, there are always solutions and opportunities for us not only to see, but also to seize. The same goes for our country as we navigate our way through a myriad of obstacles and
strive for Thailand 4.0. We believe the only sustainable way to Thailand 4.0 is through co-development: seeing and seizing the future together.

Capability Gap

While we continue to grow and increase the competitiveness of our key industries, we must also develop and strengthen the competitiveness of our talents, particularly young talents. These young talents will soon enter the workplace and become a main driving force of our country. We need to get these young talents in the game and equip them with all the preparation and hands-on experiences they need.

We started CODE Program to respond to the core question, ‘how do we increase the competitiveness of our talents, while increasing the competitiveness of our industries?’ so that the public and private sectors, the academic sector, and young talents can move forward together in a coherent and complementary manner.


CODE gives top young talents, well-selected by leading universities’ executives, the ‘key’ to unlock the code provided by industry executives.


CODE strives for 3 key objectives:
1. To unlock industry pain points through the collaboration among 3 main sectors: public, private and academic
2. To unleash talent potential by stimulating their intellectual curiosity and helping them release their creative energy and formulate innovative approaches as they solve challenges the business world and our society face
3. To uncover the potential of Thailand’s competitiveness by helping shape talents whose creative thinking and innovative approaches will increase the competitiveness of such industries in the near future

What will young talents get to do through CODE?
CODE pushes young talents to think creatively and systematically, broaden their perspective and develop a deep understanding of Thailand’s key industries through 4 steps:

CASE ANALYSIS (Explore Stage)
To kick-start, young talents will broaden their perspective and gain a deeper understanding of each industry by solving a series of real-world challenges and an interesting case study.

FIELD RESEARCH (Experience Stage)
Then, young talents will get to experience each industry by collecting data and learning from industry executives and experts.

OPPORTUNITY LAB (Experiment Stage)
After their Field Research, young talents will summarize key findings and turn interesting findings into ways to solve problems or build on opportunities in the industry. Once they have their ideas developed and refined, young talents will get to ask for feedback and suggestions from industry executives and experts.

Ultimately, young talents will get to take their initial ideas to innovate and develop further. Their ideas may turn into pilot projects, prototypes or service design that can be rolled out with the collaboration, help and support of industry executives from the public and private sectors.

Target Talent

CODE’s target talents are inclusive of yet not limited to young talents ages 18-22 from leading universities all over Thailand. Because we believe in co-development, our program welcomes young talents from all subject areas. We believe possibilities are literally endless when creative energy, systematic problem solving, an entrepreneurial spirit, and eloquence come together and work together. We believe co-development can only happen and be sustained when silos among different programs or schools within each university are removed.


By the end of CODE, we will have shaped young talents with a positive can-do attitude, ready to take on any real-world challenge coming their way. In addition, young talents will have started creative and innovative campaigns that can be rolled out with the guidance, help and support of industry executives themselves. With the buy-in of our strategic partners from all sectors, these campaigns have the potential to really make a difference in our society, tackle persistent real-world challenges or discover new areas of opportunities for our key industries. Join us and make an impact today!