Ultimate ASEAN Leaders Program (UALP)

Ultimate ASEAN Leaders Program (UALP) is a high performing leadership program especially crafted for ASEAN Leaders to reach their ultimate goals in cultivating ASEAN directions towards individual, community and regional sustainable growth and success. Throughout the program, ASEAN leaders both from public and private sectors will learn and share together the ultimate issues, the ultimate analysis, the ultimate actions, the ultimate knowledge and skills development to nurture self-improvement, individual and organization capability, organization and regional ompetitiveness among this new disruptive world context.

In 2017, the Ultimate ASEAN Leaders Program aims to inaugurate its first batch, “ASEAN Management Development” or AMD, focusing on CLMV countries. The program will be an exclusive learning and strategic networking platform for a selected group of top managements. With skyrocketing performances, CLMV countries have been recognized as the rising stars of the ASEAN region and is considered as key sources of raw materials and natural resources, as well as Thailand’s crucial trading partners with high potentials for business expansion. By building a strategic networking and establishing partnership among top leaders in these countries, AMD will be a major platform that could sustainably enlighten ASEAN’s connectivity and trade.