Publication and Knowledge Sharing

C asean Quarterly: A thought-leading publication providing insights and recommendations on imperative issues relevant to ASEAN integration. Essential reading for thought leaders, public and private sector, change makers, business executives, and decision-makers. 

ASEAN Mixer: A looking glass into ASEAN’s rising business opportunities and cultural diversities. Designed to inform readers of what’s in, what’s out around ASEAN, the objective is to trigger interests and showcase stories around ASEAN across five headlines: ASEAN Wave, Megatrends, Life Essentials, ASEAN Taboo, and Hidden Heroes.

ASEAN Monitor: A monthly news review and report providing analysis of the top stories from around ASEAN affecting the region the most. For busy CEOs, executives, directors, and leaders who need to keep updated on ASEAN.

ASEAN Headlines: A weekly e-Newsletter compiling the latest news on business, startups, and lifestyle around ASEAN. Also included is our Book of the Week, our recommended brain food for the next seven days.

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Mind Space: A learning space for futurists of ASEAN. Our members are given the opportunity to discover a wide selection of books, magazines, and e-resources on business, arts, culture, all things ASEAN. Our Meet & Read and Reader2Leader serves as a platform for our community to connect with thought leaders and create inspirations together.

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