C asean Forum

C asean Forum is a game changing platform for the futurist citizens from various sectors, coming together to make positive impacts and smart moves in the society. Our prospective participants consist of young generation who believe in change, private sectors who are concerned about economic well-being and policymakers who want to shape a better future and keep adept at moving with the times in this changing world. As ASEAN members need to be able to compete on the global scale, C asean has therefore created the C asean Forum or CaF to be a network that will help foster business growth and competitiveness of individuals and the region. At CaF, we aim to provide forward looking insights and start thought leading discussion on current trends and hot issues concerning our three distinct groups of thought leaders, which include:

•  Influencers (I) or the CaF I is a platform for top ranking within each countries, such as Prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, ministers, ambassadors, policymakers and regulators. This forum is truly exclusive and confidential, there will be no media coverage, research and data will be prepared in depth. This is to prepare ASEAN for the upcoming trends.

•  Executives (E) or the CaF E is a platform for the executives from both, the private sectors and government entities. During the forum, hot issues will be raise for in-depth discussions among expertise to prepare or to create awareness to the high level regulators. CaF Executives Forum will cover the high intellectual topics with the high depth research from our knowledge center team. We aim to make sure that our executive members are on top of the game and have the most up-to-date research for their businesses.

•  Young Entrepreneurs (YES) or the CaF YES is a platform that allows futurist citizen to voice out their ideas. We believe that the young generation are the leaders they belong to the future and the future belong to them. At the C asean Forum, their thoughts and voices will be heard
by the policymakers in the CaF Influencers forum



Our Plans in 2017

•  “ASEAN: Risks and Rise”. ASEAN is a region of opportunities. With its dynamic development,potential for high competitiveness, increasing investment attractiveness, abundance of young
and tech savvy population that exceeds for half of its total population and decreasing dependency ratio, ASEAN seems to outpace other regions. However, opportunities always
comes with risks and pitfalls. To maximize the rising ASEAN, C asean Forum will deepen ASEAN into their opportunities and at the same time will hike up ASEAN from their risks and
pitfalls. This is a game changing platform for ASEAN.

•   “ASEAN Youth Cabinet”. As the number of youth in ASEAN region exceeds half of its total population and this demographic transformation will significantly reshape the future of the
region. It is very important to let our youth play their important role in realizing, shaping, debating issues that affect citizens of the region and proposing possible legislation to make
the countries and region more competitive. ASEAN Youth Cabinet will support ASEAN youth to reach their potentials and to cultivate them to be the greater citizens by being both
knowledgeable and active in determining the future of their countries and their ASEAN region.

•  “SEAGULL: The Southeast Asian Global Undergraduate Leaders’ Program”. C asean Forum in partnership with Institute for Societal Leadership (ISL) of the Singapore Management
University to launch a Bangkok-based leadership development program for undergraduate leaders in Asia. C asean Forum will co-organize a Fireside Chat for SEAGULL participants to
develop our next generation of young emerging societal leaders.

•  “Societal Leadership Summit – Celebrating ASEAN 50: Towards Greater Social Impact as Region”. C asean in partnership with Institute for Societal Leadership (ISL), Singapore
Management University will join force to develop a platform for societal leaders and change makers and to promote the fruitful conversations on pressing issues faced by change
makers of the ASEAN region. C asean Forum will co-organize the Closing Plenary: ASEAN Connectedness; the way forward in Singapore, at the Singapore Management University.

Our Plans in 2018
ASEAN’s Greater Move, Greater IMPACT. C asean Forum will unleash ASEAN’s potential and catalyze our game changers to develop greater ASEAN societal movement and progress.

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