CaF I: Positioning Thailand’s FinTech Ecosystem

CaF I: Positioning Thailand’s FinTech Ecosystem with the aim of raising awareness about disruptive financial technology and its framework among all stakeholders.  The forum also serves as a channel for addressing Thailand’s FinTech and detecting its trends, with participation from FinTech startups,
Financial Institutions, Incubators and Regulators, all of which contribute to Thailand’s financial industry in terms of progress.




The forum has materialized as a result of the joint efforts of various groups both from public and private sectors, in an endeavor to develop the technological industries and keep competitive in world markets.  Based on the previous C asean Forum, the feedback from the participants has all been constructive and helped shaping the direction of future moves.  Among the feedback was a call for government’s substantial role to play in being a facilitator in this industry and a coordinator of educational reform to address the human resources issues, for example, providing more hands-on workshops for students. CaF I: Positioning Thailand’s FinTech Ecosystem leads to the establishment of Thai FinTech Club (TFTC), in collaboration with over 40 companies in FinTech industry. These are some topics of concern which draw the attention of all relevant parties for further action.