CaF: ASEAN and Mr. TRUMPs Policy

​​Throughout the US presidential race ASEAN political and business leaders have kept an eye on the potential outcome of the election and what impact the result may have on the region. Issues that have captured particular attention is the fate of the US’s rebalancing policy towards Asia-Pacific region. It is widely discussed whether the new American leader continue to favor free trade agreement as considered it as vital to keep fast-growing market of Southeast Asia open to American exports and as a diplomatic counter to China’s aggressive economic and political policy. Will there be any other risks in term of political change following the new presidency? Since ASEAN countries are increasingly important in term of diplomatic, economic, and security partners for the US, the changes in the US policy toward Asia is worth pondering on how the new administration will impact ASEAN.

C asean Forum recognizes this issue as a great opportunity to gather insightful expert opinions through an exchange amongst thought leaders in different sectors to share their unique perspectives on economy, politics, stability and social impact. CaF “ASEAN and Mr. Trump’s Policy” is hoping to build greater awareness and understanding of the future role of America in the region.