CrowdFunding Asia™

CrowdFunding  Asia and  C asean joined forces  to  present the  very first CrowdFunding Asia™ in Thailand, C asean Summit in Bangkok Thailand 2015. With the aim of leading the way for Thailand’s sectors to embrace and incorporate Crowdfunding as alternative fundraising for startups, Crowdfunding is a way for businesses or projects to raise money by inviting people to pledge or invest small amounts to fund their businesses or projects. C asean has identified the need  to increase awareness and  knowledge  of Crowdfunding among business and project owners. Apart from arriving at a greater understanding of crowdfunding, participants have been provided with another option open to them when seeking funds to start their new businesses.

As it is intended to be, this program makes a place to learn how to do Crowdfunding campaigns and investment. We have ignited the awareness and public-private movement towards building crowdfunding and FinTech ecosystem in Thailand. Helpful information will keep participants up-to-date  with  all movements, trends and  regulations about Crowdfunding in Thailand. Besides, options for variety and growth are always a useful asset in a company’s strategic management development. Crowdfunding Asia aims to inspire young entrepreneurs to consider  the option and flexibility of utilizing crowdfunding as another  source of cash  flows. In terms  of economic prospects, it has become an active outreach program and an available alternative for startups who try to get funding.