We are looking for passionate team members to drive our mission and achieve our vision!
Our team characteristics are 
☆       Outgoing personality and enjoy making new friends
☆       Confident and comfortable in using English
☆       Enjoy catching up with trends and movements regionally and globally
☆       Open-minded and enthusiastic in learning new things
☆       Dynamic and flexible
☆       Steep learning curve
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Available positions

Corporate Communication Manager

Key Responsibilities

     1. Control the operation in the preparation of the media plan in both domestic and overseas.
     2. Coordinate with the owner of the media to provide power to the maximum secondary
     3. Development planning, the media or the communication strategy and the public relations to market both the offline and online
     4. Media team a plan to increase awareness of the organization both internal and external.
     5. Create relationships better with the media in both domestic and overseas
     6. Write news content to promote the organization or related activities. Through various media
     7. Control the media to all the direction in which the organization needs
     8. Control measures and check the report the results of the analysis of the impact of the media.

Business Development Officer

Key Responsibilities

     1. Seek collaboration and network to expand our missions’ opportunities locally and internationally
     2. Research, collect, and analyze data and information related to organization’s missions
     3. Develop our regional hub of intelligence and share to the public