Weekly Situation Report

Date : 10 May 2020

When there is less money to go around, it is time for Fiscal and Monetary Action

17 May 2020
Less money in everybody’s pocket automatically means cutting back spending and keeping our cash on hands. However, ASEAN government is keeping the livelihood of their citizens afloat.


New Norms to Observe the Holy Month of Ramadan

10 May 2020
How COVID-19 change the holy celebration of Islam

Sustainability was out the window when the COVID-19 came

2 May 2020
The fear of COVID-19 would push people back to the old habit of using plastic bags. OLD HABIT DIES HARD, but how are we going to stay safe and remain sustainable at the same time?

The food crisis in the seeming food abundant region as ASEAN

26 April 2020
In a seeming food abundant terrain, ASEAN’s enriched natural resources and fit-for-farm climate has not spared the region from the food shortage and security concern.

The post-pandemic logistics
19 April 2020
At week 16 of 2020, C asean is looking at what the world thinks of the global supply chain at the post-pandemic phase

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