1. What is C asean?
C asean is a social enterprise aimed at becoming a platform for ASEAN networking, exchanging of best practices, and facilitating peer-to-peer discussions at the regional level.
2. What kind services does C asean provide?

C asean looks to create a knowledge driven society by generating contents in various forms, whether through our activities, publications or media outlets. We also provide, both, public and membership based facilities intended a building a community where new generations can come and interact. Our facilities include:
·       Mind Space – a modern library positioned to be learning place for startups and futurists of ASEAN
·       Dream Office – a own co-working space
·       Venue service – a customizable rental space suitable for all your conferences, seminars and meetings
·       Media hub – a pronto full service broadcasting and photo solution

3. What are C asean’s business hours?
C asean operates 7 days a week
Monday - Friday 8.00 Hrs. – 20.00 Hrs.
Saturday - Sunday & Public holidays 8.00 Hrs. – 17.00 Hrs.
4. Where is C asean located? How do I get here?
We at the 10th floor of the CW tower, located at the heart of Ratchada Road. Our nearest public transportation access is the MRT, Thailand Cultural Center station. We just a 5 minute walk from Exit 1.
5. Where can I find the latest updates about C asean’s activities?
There several ways for customers to stay up-to-date about C asean: